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Whether you have an immediate need or are planning for the future, Secure Your Legacy is here to handle every detail, helping with your every need to relieve the burden. When it comes to the Cemetery property, we’ve helped countless Missouri City & Sugar Land, TX families save up to 65% on burial plots in local cemeteries like Brookside Memorial Park, and we can help you too.

Famed for their historic beauty and touted for their modern services and amenities, Brookside Funeral Home and Brookside Memorial Park have served Houston-area families since the 1930s. The funeral home is large and spacious and has multiple venues that can handle both large events and intimate affairs. The 290-acre memorial park provides a wide range of burial services and is renowned for its majestic oak and pine trees, some of which are estimated to be more than 300 years old.

Call Secure Your Legacy to help you find an affordable plot today! We can also assist you in taking you on a tour of the cemetery, negotiating a fair price for the plot, and assisting you with the paperwork.

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Do you have unneeded cemetery property?
Secure Your Legacy is here to make selling your grave plot as easy as possible, legally and efficiently, with our expertise and consideration. We are experts in helping you sell single or multiple cemetery plots you already own, getting you the best deal possible for your grave plot.

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