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Our condolences on the loss of your loved one. Planning funeral arrangements can be overwhelming at a time like this, but Secure Your Legacy can handle every detail. We'll save you the trouble of finding a funeral home in the Missouri City, Houston, and Sugar Land, TX areas and purchasing a cemetery plot and casket.

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Why should you purchase a cemetery plot?

Want to reduce financial stress for your family? We've got you covered. Purchasing a cemetery plot is an easy way to take a monetary and emotional burden off your loved ones' shoulders. A death in the family is already a stressful situation, so there's no need to make it worse by having them shop for a plot while they're mourning. Also, with factors like inflation, it's better to get a plot now before the price rises exponentially.

Make the burial process easier for your loved ones. Reach out to us today to purchase an affordable cemetery plot.


Clear your doubts about our Funeral and Cremation Services.

What is cremation?

A cremation is a process that uses intense heat for a long period to turn the remains of the deceased person into ashes. Before the cremation process, your loved one is clothed following your requests, and other clothes and garments are carefully folded and placed next to your loved one. Medical devices such as pacemakers are separated and removed from the remains.

What is a crematorium?

A crematorium or crematory is the venue where the cremation process occurs. The deceased person is first placed in refrigerated storage until it is time for the cremation. Then, your loved one is placed in the cremation chamber, where the exposure to intense heat results in burnt remains. These remains go through a pulverization process and are finally delivered to you. There are different options for urns and containers.

What is called burnt remains?

Burnt remains are the result of the first part of the process of cremation. Exposure to intense heat is not enough to turn a deceased person into ashes. After medical devices and pieces of metal (e.g. hinges, screws and prostheses) are removed, the small amounts of bone remaining are taken and placed in a machine that turns them into ashes by the pulverization process.

Can I witness the cremation process?

A cremation viewing or witnessing is a small, intimate memorial service that takes place before the cremation process. The service can be led by a funeral director or a religious leader, and once the witnesses are in the area for viewing, the deceased one is placed in a casket or container and taken to the crematory chamber, in a closed machine. The cremation process takes over four hours and most crematoriums do not allow people to witness the entire process.

What is the destination of the ashes?

The ashes of your loved one are presented to you in a container of choice. There are different options for a permanent resting place: a crypt, niche, grave or kept container at home. You may keep the ashes or scatter them over "uninhabited public land, over a public waterway or sea, or on the private property of a consenting owner."

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