Avoid Mistakes For Life! (Burial Insurance)

Many people do not like to talk about death, much less plan it. Lack of proper planning is what causes many families to make lifelong mistakes. Why do so many people avoid the topic? Simply because they don't know their options when buying or planning for burial insurance.

Many people don't realize that having the funeral discussion can help save your family hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in a time of need.

The following fact is based on a real situation a family encountered in the Houston area.

Martha and Bob planned well for their retirement, first financing their children's education and then paying their mortgage. However, Bob hated to talk about end-of-life planning. One day, while Bob was working in his backyard, he suffered a massive heart attack. Martha, his wife, had gone out to the YMCA with some friends. When Martha got home, she found Bob on the ground in the yard. Martha was in shock and immediately called 911. Paramedics arrive on scene and Bob was pronounced dead.

The officers and paramedics first shared their condolences with Martha, and then immediately asked which funeral home to call. Martha was in shock and did not know which funeral home to call. The problem is that Bob had always avoided talking about end-of-life planning. Little did Bob know that this would place an additional financial burden on his grieving wife.

Meanwhile, Martha, in disbelief at not knowing which funeral home to call, ends up calling the most expensive funeral home in Houston. Unfortunately, Bob is gone and Martha is left with the stress of making a big financial decision.

After making all the final arrangements the cost involved includes the following

Funeral service with casket 18, wake, religious service, flowers, hearse, limousine, embalming, stationery, clothing and casket, and service vehicle: $18,000 A plot (cemetery

property): $11,000

Vault: $2,995

Opening and closing of the Grave: $1,895

Headstone: $4,000

Total Cost of $37,890

Meanwhile, Bob is in the next room, probably turning in his grave. Because? Bob had left Martha with the burden of planning her own funeral. Bob had been the head of the family, and had always made the financial decisions. Little did Bob know, that now Martha would make the final decision on her last home, her grave! Big mistake! Bob had left his grieving wife in charge of making a financial decision at the worst moment of his life.

Friends, this situation has not only happened to Martha, but to several bereaved families in and around Houston. It is important to plan ahead, this could happen to you.

For those who say, “All I want is cremation” guess what folks cremation is on the rise. Now, I'm not talking about the cheap cremation parlors that offer cremation for $600; shoving paperwork behind a desk. By the way, beware of cheap cremation parlors, you never know what you're going to get back. As the saying goes… you get what you pay for, right?

If you don't believe then google the internet: Dr. Oz “Funeral Home Scams” ​​Absolutely disgusting and SAD!

What many people don't realize is that there are ways to reduce the costs of funerals, if you only consider planning ahead. In fact, the state of Texas allows families to pre-fund their funerals before the need arises; giving many families the opportunity to lock in at the current cost.

Make it easy for you and your family. Call Stephanie Salcedo at Secure Your Legacy (325) 244-7972.

Stephanie Salcedo is an independent funeral and cemetery agent. Stephanie has helped thousands of families in her career. Stephanie doesn't work for funeral homes, she works to help families plan wisely without spending too much. If Bob and Martha had met Stephanie Salcedo, they could have saved more than $15,000.

As Stephanie always says. “No matter how much money one has, it is always important to search the market and get the most cost-effective funeral rate with first-class service.”

Act now, you never know what tomorrow may bring, so why wait?

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