How can I get started with funeral planning?

If you've ever witnessed the tragedy of a family struggling to pay for a loved one's funeral, you can understand why planning your funeral in advance can be a very good idea.

Carrying out funeral planning is easier to do than you think. In addition, it not only allows you to take charge of your last wishes, but also relieves your relatives from the pain and burden of having to organize the funeral and worry about large unexpected expenses.

Here is a brief guide to the steps to follow for funeral planning:

1. Choose your funeral company . It is important to choose a trustworthy funeral home, where you feel comfortable with the environment and the staff. You also want to be sure that you will be treated with all the dignity and respect that you deserve and offer you the best assistance.

2. Decide between burial or cremation and the type of service. What would you like to happen at the funeral? Will it be a burial service or wake? Will it be a funeral or a “celebration of life”? Will you include a wake, visitation, reception, or formal mourning period? You can plan all the details, hiring only what you want and what you owe by state or cemetery law.

3. Plan the service. Think about the decorations, the musicians, the pallbearers, the minister, the person who will give the eulogy, the prayers, the selection of funeral songs, the readings, the special tributes, etc.

4. Plan your means of payment, budget and tell your loved ones about your plan. Your preparations are useless if no one knows about them!

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