“Death Away from Home”

The death of a loved one is challenging enough without the added burden of arranging to return his or her body home from another country, city or state.   When a family member dies abroad, making arrangements for disposition can become very involved and expensive.  Unfortunately, whether traveling or living abroad for business or pleasure, people often die far from home, and the next-of-kin must arrange for the repatriation of the remains from the country or state in which the death occurred. Secure Your Legacy can assist families on preparing for the unexpected without incurring drastic EXPENSES!

 Here are the steps to take if you need to return a body to your home state or the United States if your loved dies while traveling in a foreign country.

STEP 1:  Be certain that the name of a person to be contacted in the event of an emergency is included in your passport and or wallet.  Your preference for body disposition should also be attached to your passport and wallet (burial/cremation).  

STEP 2: Call either 911 or the nearest U.S. EMBASSY OR CONSULATE.  (Navigating the often-complex regulations and laws governing the transport of human remains from one country to another can feel overwhelming for those grieving a death; fortunately, the consular official can help make this process easier by conveying a family’s instructions to the appropriate individuals/offices abroad.)

STEP 3:  Once you or the next-of-kin have contacted 911 or an official at the Bureau of Consular Affairs, this individual will immediately offer various forms of assistance that will prove invaluable. In the U.S.A. you must go through a funeral home or mortuary for the return of remains, these associated cost vary from state to state.  A funeral director will guide you through the process.  

Finally, returning human remains to the United States from another country is subject to a myriad of laws and regulations. The disposition of the deceased individual is subject to both U.S. law and that of the country in which he or she died, as well as the customs requirements of both countries. An essential duty performed by a U.S. consular official is the preparation of the necessary paperwork to facilitate the shipment of the body/human remains to the United States.

STEP 4: BEREAVEMENT AIRFARE….First thing most families do is travel where their loved one has passed.  Bereavement airfare are available for both domestic and international travel.  They are NOT always the least expensive seats.  However, check for the lowest available fares before asking if there are bereavement seats available.  Only certain classes of seats are marked for the bereavement discount.

Secure Your Legacy has saved families thousands of dollars when it comes to funeral related expenses.  Let us help eliminate confusion and excessive expenses at time of need. Call today to find out more about “Life-Time Worldwide Travel Protection”  or contact our office to attend a free educational workshop on funeral planning (832) 953-4229.